Frequently Asked Questions



We will be happy to send you samples of your choice at no charge. Samples must be returned within 15 days at the customer’s expense. Please email us for a Samples Order Form.



It will take 5-10 business days from approval of design to arrival at your doorstep. Most reorders can be completed much quicker usually between 2-5 business days. If you have an in hands date, please let us know so we can do our best to deliver your order by that date.



Please email us for a Return Authorization number and we will send you return instructions. You are responsible for shipping cost associated with returning the samples.



We accept most major credit cards, check, and money order. For check or money orders, the job will start once payment is received.



Initial orders have a minimum requirement of 24 pieces for embroidery, 24 pieces for screen printing and $500.00 order value. For repeat orders there is a minimum of 12 pieces for embroidery, 24 pieces for screen printing and $100.00.



Financing is available for our resale customers and business clients upon approval of credit.



We cannot accept returns on any embellished products. However we have a guaranteed returns policy for all original, unused garments.

One Time Charges: Embroidery Design Fee: $50.00. This includes any and all revisions. This is for all artwork not provided in .DST or .EMB file formats. Repeat customers will not see this charge unless a new design is requested.

Small Order Fee: $50.00. This fee is assessed for all orders less than 12 pieces.
Embroidery Charges: For designs up to 7000 stitches: $5.00. For designs over 7000 stitches: $0.50 per 1000 stitches.

One Time Charges:
Design Fee: $50.00. This includes any and all revisions. This is for all artwork that is not provided in .AI or .EPS file formats.
Screen Fee: $20.00. This is per screen, per color regardless of the number of positions or designs on a given shirt.
Please call or email to find out the cost of printing per piece.

We can accept JPEG, PDF, PNG, EPS, AI, and any High Resolution images. The higher the resolution the better your embellishment will turn out on the final product. You can upload your artwork through the CONTACT US section or simply email your artwork to sales@redbridgeclothing.com

Our design team will be happy to help you bring your sketch or picture to life! Send us the artwork, give us a little information about what you would like the final result to look like, and we will work our magic. Our rate is $50.00 per hour.

Please let us know immediately and we will be happy to issue a refund or redo your order. We will send out a call tag for the wrong merchandise. Please let us know within 7 days of receiving your order.

Please email all artwork to sales@redbridgeclothing.com and reference your order number in the subject line. Please note that final cost may change depending upon decoration requirements of your order.

Buying for Men: Any style listed as Adult is sized for men. Adult Golf-cut styles generally offer a better fit for bigger male builds.

Buying for Ladies: Styles listed as Ladies’ are women’s sizes. If the women on your team prefer a Men’s or Adult style, select one size smaller than what they would wear in Ladies’ sizes.

Buying for Groups: Use the charts below for a general percentage to help you determine how many shirts in each size you need when buying for a group.

To calculate your buying quantities by size, simply multiply the number of people in your group by the percentage in the chart for each size.

These are general guidelines only and should only be used as a starting point for determining necessary quantities. Your group sizes may vary greatly. 

We offer drop shipping services with pricing varying by complexity of the project. Typically there is a $5 fee per location in addition to the price of shipping.

We have the ability to ship throughout the United States and to most countries throughout the world.

⦁ Embroidery is a great embellishment for creating bold and beautiful finished touches to garments. Embroidery compliments higher end garments such as jackets, polo shirts, woven shirts, and hats. Unlike screen printing, the cost of embroidery is not priced by the number of colors. Here the size of the embroidery matters. With embroidery you can have much smaller runs and use as many colors as you would like for the price to still be cost effective.
⦁ For professional finishes (company logos, association identification) the most popular positions for embroidery are the left chest and either of the sleeves. Full chest and back embroideries are best for jackets and sweatshirts; after many washes the material will not shrink and wrinkle around the embroidery unlike lighter garments such as t-shirts and polo shirts.
⦁ Estimating Stitch Count
Here is an easy way to estimate the amount of stitches you’ll need for great looking logos.
– Print out the grid below
– Cut out your artwork and place it over the grid
– Count the number of boxes it fills, then find that number in the chart
– If your design goes outside the grid, estimate the extra grid space you need and add it to your original total.

Other Points to Remember when Estimating a Stitch Count
– 1 solid square inch of embroidery equals approximately 2,000 stitches.
– 1 solid square 1/4 inch of embroidery will equal about 125 stitches.
– No letter should be smaller than 3/16″ each letter 1/4″ in height equals about 100 stitches.
– Drop shadows in your logo will translate to 200 extra stitches per inch.
– Straight lines under logos typically require 200 extra stitches per inch.
– Fabrics, colors, and artwork detail will affect the amount of stitches.

It is important to remember that these stitch-count tips, and the stitch-count grid, provide estimates only. They are a good starting point to arrive at a ballpark count, but the precise figure can only be determined when the actual embroidery of your design is performed.

⦁ To get started please fill out our embroidery request form or call us and one of our friendly consultants will contact you right away! Highlight leads to embroidery request form

⦁ Screen Printing is a technique of applying various inks through a mesh screen onto a garment. The best garments for screen printing are t-shirts, fleece sweatshirts and any products with flat surfaces. There are manual screen print presses and automatic presses. With manual presses you can add more artistic flare and create unique prints. With automatic presses you can get larger runs done in a quicker amount of time.
⦁ You get the most value when you are doing large runs and using minimal colors. The price for screen printing factors in the number of items, the number of colors per print, and the number of locations that will be printed per item. For the most part, unlike embroidery, the size of the design does not play as big a factor when determining the cost. There are setup fees and screen fees associated with the project, but they are one time charges.
⦁ To be more cost effective, try incorporating the color of the shirt into your design. Also note that printing on dark colors requires an under base (usually white) so that the design will print boldly on the shirt. With certain specialty inks an under base may not be needed (metallic, puff).
⦁ Heat transfers are another method by which garments are embellished. A heat transfer is made by screen printing an image onto special transfer film. A heat press is then used to apply the design to the garment in the desired location. Most popular use of the heat press is for athletic uniforms such as individual player jersey numbers and names. This does not mean it is the cheapest form of embellishment however. Once again here pricing is based very much as it is with screen printing but image size does play a larger role in determining pricing. Unlike screen printing, there are no setup fees, but larger quantities are always more cost effective.
⦁ To get started please fill out our screen printing request form or call us and one of our friendly consultants will contact you right away! Highlight leads to screen print form.

⦁ Promotional Products have many uses in helping a company promote its brand and create a lasting impression with its customers. Promotional products are items used to promote a product, service or company program including advertising specialties, premiums, incentives, business gifts, awards, prizes, commemoratives and other imprinted or decorated items.
⦁ Since promotional products can be used alone or integrated with other media, there are virtually limitless ways to use them. Popular programs cited most often by industry consultants are business gifts, employee relations, orientation programs, corporate communications and at tradeshows to generate booth traffic.
⦁ They’re also effective for dealer/distribution programs, co-op programs, company stores, generating new customers or new accounts, nonprofit fundraising, public awareness campaigns and for promotion of brand awareness and brand loyalty. Other uses include employee incentive programs, new product or service introductions and marketing research for survey and focus group participants.
⦁ We work with a network of over 3000 suppliers and more than 1,000,000 products. Our consultants will help you find the best products the industry has to offer. Because we have close connections with our suppliers throughout the country, we can make sure you receive the best quality products at great prices and in time for your corporate event, trade show, or any other purpose. We will do all the heavy lifting – just send us your artwork, let us know what you are looking for, when and where you need the products, and we will do the rest. Our expert consultants can give you insider information, product knowledge, and suggestions from experience that you cannot find elsewhere.
⦁ Please contact us to see how we can help you with your next project.
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