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Designing for embroidery and screen printing is a specialist job, and our specialist designers are ready to make your awesome logo or design come to life! Red Bridge Clothing only uses top of the range embroidery and screen printing machines to achieve our flawless finish on your t-shirts, jackets, polo’s, gifts and more. We offer the highest quality embroidery and screen prints, with a fast turnaround. Check out our work below and experience the Red Bridge Clothing difference today!

Decorating Services

Silk Screen Printing

    Screen Printing is a technique of applying various inks through a screen onto a garment. The best garments for screen printing are t-shirts, fleece sweatshirts and any cotton apparel products. There are manual screen print presses and automatic presses. With manual presses you can add more artistic flare and create unique prints. With automatic presses you can get larger runs done in a quicker amount of time. We have access to four automatic presses ranging from 6 color to 10 color presses, 2 manual presses, and to cure all of that work we use conveyor belt drying systems.


Embroidery is a great embellishment for creating bold and beautiful finished touches to garments. Embroidery compliments higher end garments such as jackets, polo shirts, woven shirts, and hats. Unlike screen printing, the cost of embroidery is not priced by the number of colors. Here the size of the embroidery matters. With embroidery you can have much smaller runs and use as many colors as you would like for the price to still be cost effective.

At Red Bridge Clothing, designing for embroidery – called digitizing – is a professional art done by skilled professionals. It can take most of the day to make a code that tells our embroidery machines where to place each stitch on your products — and digitizing artists are well worth the expense. When you see your final product you will notice the difference.

Go to our FAQ section for some basic pricing regarding out embroidery services.

If you are inquiring about requesting Free samples, please print this sample request form out and email back to us at sales@redbridgeclothing.com

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 1000 Detroit Ave. Suite C
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